Bulk Liquids

TIL has been transporting bulk liquids and dangerous goods for over 35 years and currently operates one of the largest dangerous goods transportation fleets in the country through its Pacific Fuel Haul brand.

We currently transport around 40% of New Zealand’s petroleum and are one of the largest movers of LPG in the country. We service large nationwide customers and have the resources available to meet unseasonal or unexpected demand.  

Our specialised fleet is fully certified for transport of dangerous goods and we employ over 300 highly trained staff to support our operations in dangerous goods transportation industry. 

We have long term relationships with our key customers including large, well known corporations with activities across the country.

Pacific Fuel Haul

Pacific Fuel Haul's experience in bulk fuel haulage dates back to the early 1980s when Taranaki’s inland oil and gas fields began being developed. 

Pacific Fuel Haul operates a fleet of tankers and Dangerous Goods vehicles and its expertise in fuel haulage is well recognised with nationwide contracts. These customers require exactness and professionalism to ensure incident free, on time deliveries. We are especially proud of our achievements around our safety practices.

The fleet is bulk liquid certified to cart dangerous liquids including LPG, Crude Oil and Condensates, Bitumen and Emulsion, Petrol, Diesel and other Petroleum Products.

Our focus is on scheduling, dispatching and distributing customers’ products in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

Pacific Fuel Haul drivers undertake extensive training and product familiarisation before getting behind the wheel. Dedicated driver trainers ensures all drivers are trained in the latest driving and safety procedures.

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Liquid Logistics

Liquid Logistics is a freight forwarder for bulk liquid transportations, specialising in the shipment of Tank Containers (ISO Tanks) internationally & nationally.

We are part of an international network of agents and are able to ship your product to and from most locations around the world. Our ISO tanks are also available to lease for local moves and storage around New Zealand. A tank container is built to international ISO standards, making it suitable for the transportation of both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids.

Liquid Logistics can also provide you with Flextitanks or IBCs, which is an intermediate bulk container - pallet mounted and industrial grade reusable container that is used for storing and transporting bulk liquids of smaller bulk quantities. Flexitanks, also referred to as Flexi Bags or Bladders, are usually loaded into 20” ISO containers for maritime transport. Sizes range from 16,000 to 26,000 litre in capacity.

For any enquiries with regards to your bulk liquid transportation needs, please visit www.liquidlogistics.co.nz

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